Groupon watch review rolex cosmograph daytona caliber 4130 ref.116506 50th Anniversary

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cheap fake imitation designer reproduction watches rolex daytona

Today, I will introduce you the rolex cosmograph daytona caliber 4130 produced by the latest Noob factory watches whether worth to groupon. This daytona is currently the strongest version on the market, with less shipments, and the purchasers need to line up or order in advance. there are 316L steel version, there are also 904L steel version, daytona happens to be 904L steel edition, Noob factory daytona take the most successful aspects, The first point of thickness problem, Rolex 4130 movement is a thin motion, so Rolex daytona is actually relatively thin, not a heavy watch, based on thickness, Noob factory to daytona Corrected, thickness and size were all re-corrected. The second movement noise, in the early REP industry, whether it is N or JF or BP and AR factory, are using the Shanghai 7750 movement modified 4130 motion to assemble Daytona, Shanghai 7750 movement features tortoise Large, although the watch is in the process of wearing, the sound is relatively large, can not be overcome in the first days, so very friends are will wear, and the current 4130 calibre developed by our factory Noob, the noise is small, the perfect solution Class problems, as it turns out, only independent research and development is the way out. Similar to the VS factory is usually a typical example. Using the self-developed Panerai motion, it perfectly monopolizes the Panerai market.

Positive introduction: This watch has made a lot of videos, and the text code words are almost 3,000 terms of composition, but still patiently code the words to the table friends to read, through the front we 1st come to understand this watch The function of daytona is definitely a chronograph watch, which can be divided into 3 small circles. The left and right circles are used with the 12-point position chronograph. It is a chronograph second, and the bottom is certainly 6 o’clock. The disk may be the second hand! That is to say, the second hand of the view is located above the 6 o’clock little plate, and the long needle at the 12 o’clock position is the chronograph hand. How to open the chronograph hand? There are 3 crowns on the right side of the watch. These 3 crowns are all screw-in crowns. The opening method is rotary starting. The direct drawing cannot be opened. The top crown is responsible for the opening of the timing indicator. Pause function key, the middle crown is accountable for timing, underneath crown is responsible for the chronograph pointer homing, the function through the written text and video have a detailed introduction and explanation, if you still do not understand friends, you can Take a look at the video.

The outer ring is introduced: the external ring of the watch may be the outer ring of ceramic material, the external ring of daytona is divided into two kinds of materials, the outer ring of steel is called steel daytona, the materials is 316L steel, similar to the white steel daytona and the black steel daytona. The ceramic outer ring is named ceramic daytona, the material is 904L steel, like the current daytona is ceramic +904 combination. So many problems are not very difficult, as long as you patiently read, the information will soon be resolved. The external ring of Daytona is not rotating, it can’t rotate like a ghost, it is fixed. Mirror introduction: The watch is usually a sapphire mirror, the mirror is definitely solid, no blue film effect, the permeability is very OK. Mirror height intro: I don’t know when this question started. It is estimated that the initial JF’s daytona started. Some people often talk about the mirror height problem of daytona, and put GEN and REP on purpose. Together, we can look at it together. Isn’t GEN’s mirror also convex, not flat, so the brother wakes up, don’t brainwash the ignorant article. The shell body description: the shell of the view is processed by polishing process, the shell body can be crowned and polished, and the remaining side of the shell body has a two-dimensional code mark, which is certainly pasted, and we can tear it off by ourselves. Movement launch: The back of the watch is a dense bottom design. We can’t see the built-in movement through the back. The inside of the bottom cover has lettering. The motion is the N130 4130 movement. It is independently developed and the motion is stable. I’ll not elaborate on it. I will give you a detailed explanation in the video. I can play it with patience. Strap and buckle introduction: strap and buckle are made of 904L metal, the strap is usually brushed, the word is used to strengthen the buckle, the buckle may be the Rolex second-generation folding buckle, smooth bridge, button There is a fine-tuning function on the inside, but this fine-tuning isn’t the same as the submersible’s fine-tuning method. Therefore, if the strap is definitely long, it is recommended that you consider the method of disassembling the strap to make up for the length and length. Luminous intro: daytona’s luminous light can be blue luminous, not green, and the luminous intensity is quite OK. Groupon watch uk rolex daytona you can save more money.

Groupon watches uk Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15710ST.OO.A002CA.02

Groupon watches review JF cheap designer watch Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series 15710ST.OO.A002CA.02 Specification:
Diameter: 42 mm
Dial material: silver tone dial engraved “Méga Tapisserie” large plaid decoration, fluorescent white gold embedded hour markers and fluorescent Bezel:silver tone rotating inner bezel, with 60 minutes to 15 minutes Black diving scales and zones.
Surface material: sapphire crystal
Strap material: rubber Buckle type: pin buckle
Back case: display the bottom
Waterproof depth: 300 meters

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replica cheap fake designer automatic swiss watches Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15710ST

Frontal comparison chart: The AP15710 brought to you today comes from the JF factory. Currently, the white-faced AP is only shipped by JF. The Noob factory does not have a white-confronted AP. The color of the letter is white-colored, and the font is usually lattice-shaped. The scale is definitely a strip, the 3 o’clock calendar opens the window, the 3-pin design, the front contrast, the authentic literal grid can be more solid than the replica. Comparison of the calendar window: The calendar window is the same size, but the calendar font that feels engraved is thicker compared to the original one, and the others are fine. Crown comparison chart: The crown is a screw-in design.The top of the crown is certainly engraved with the word AP, and the top of the crown is a flat brushed design. The engraved AP font is usually deeper than the original engraving. Comparison of the movement: The back of this watch is a back-to-back style. The 3120 calibre that was independently developed by AP was used. The 3120 motion modified by the Japanese machine 9015 was utilized. Although it was made with the same splint as the original, But there is one more flaw, the position of the shock absorber, the positioning of the genuine shock absorber is at 7 o’clock, and the replica shock absorber reaches 6 o’clock, although the fixed wire on the splint, the transmission gear, do They are very realistic, however the position of the shock absorber is still a little short. I believe that in the near future, we will have our own domestic 3120 movement. Buckle comparison chart: The buckle of this watch is designed with a pin buckle. The buckle is made of stainless steel. The outer side of the buckle is definitely engraved with the AP mark, the buckle size, and the lettering contrast is one to one. Summary: This AP is actually a V8 version.Many people groupon Jf factory watches.

Now many friends don’t know the V8 version of AP’s 15703 and 15710. In fact, the V8 edition can be a calibre marked, and this movement is a 9015 movement of japan machine. The 3120 movement, so as long as the motion is the 3120 movement of the Japanese machine 9015, that is the V8 version. And this white AP15710, in fact, only JF factory, small factory is not a ha, we are talking about the big factory, only the JF factory in the big factory out of white 15710, work and dark, the just shortcoming of the whole watch is only The position of the shock absorber is only one scale difference. The others are perfect. If you are not a friend who cares about this problem, you can consider starting groupon watch.

Groupon watch review Konstantin Chaykin joker

Groupon best cheap designer watch Konstantin Chaykin joker mens

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Introducing a clown today, a masterpiece from Russian gold-cut masters, born in 2017, the clown has multiple color schemes, rich facial expressions, and offers been loved by many consumers. Due to limited production, the market has always been a price increase, and more Things are rare. Tianyue took a red clown and shared it with everyone today. The view is a 42mm diameter watch. This watch, with a sneak peek, is literally very different. It is very different from other watches in the past. The traditional design of the minute hand, the hour hand and the second hands is replaced by a circle and the tongue design is quite similar to the inspiration of the Amy box. If we really want to be the ultimate alternative, we will be Make a fuss about his strap and consider the straps of the singular style.The watch worth to groupon.

Let’s first look at the front of the view, the left eye is the hour hand, the right eye may be the minute hand, the mouth is a moon-like function design, the mouth can move, it changes with time.The outer shell of the watch is made of stainless steel, and the external casing is wire-drawing. There are 10 fixing screws distributed, plus 12 points for the shell to beautify.

The mirror surface of the watch is made from sapphire mirror material, and the mirror surface area has no blue film effect and is a solid color mirror surface.The crown of the watch is divided into two sides on the left and the proper side. The crown on the right side is the crown for the time adjustment function, including the upper chain, and the crown on the left may be the crown of the decorative function. The back of the watch is usually a compact design. The movement is a Japanese 9015 movement, and the bottom cover is definitely brushed. The strap is constructed of calfskin, the belt texture can be hard, the buckle is made of stainless, the drawing process is processed, and the lettering on the inside of the buckle is clearly visible.

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